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This Home Page is the personal homepage of Mark Thissen. You will find here information about the things I like and creative projects I am working on. Also work related information will be published on this homepage.

At the moment I am living in Utrecht, but I lived already in Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Groningen en Enschede. I also lived a year in Cairo (Egypt), and lived for a year half the time in Budapest (Hungary). The city of Utrecht is still relatively new to me.

I like theatre and music. I will try to mention nice performances I went on this website. I like to play indoor soccer being an indoor goalkeeper. I also liked to program (you can find some usefull programs on my website in Groningen for as long as it exists), but I stopped it several years ago. A more recent hobby is the creation of anamorphoses.

In the project part of this website you can find my recent creative work. It is still very much in its early stages and I hope it will develop steadily in the near future.






I am an economist (regional, international, and development economics working at the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research (RPB)

Music & Theatre
My interest in music is very wide. It ranges from simple pop to punk, metal (not too heavy) and progressive rock. Progressive elements are central in my music.

I am planning to work on several projects. For the moment only the dutch project "De duistere kant van de maan". Hopefully there will be more. 


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